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The Secret Is Out!

Say hello to the hottest, most exclusive, invite-only, voice-based social media app that everybody's talking about and wants to use.

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Meet Coach Deb

My Absolute Favorite New Addiction...

When in-person events are postponed, canceled, and held on Zoom instead, we find our souls missing human connection like never before...until Clubhouse was born to fill the void.

Deborah Cole l @CoachDeb

Author, Clubhouse Guidebook

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What Influencers Are Saying

Amy Porterfield

Host, Online Marketing Made Easy

“Clubhouse App is your opportunity to get in on the action early, using a platform that is revolutionizing how we connect, collaborate and serve.”

John Lee Dumas

Host, Entrepreneurs On Fire

“The first mover's advantage is REAL. Become an early adopter on Clubhouse App. Use Clubhouse Guidebook to give you the shortcuts.”

Michael Stelzner

Founder, Social Media Examiner

“Clubhouse is the great equalizer. It's not about how many people follow you. Instead, it's simply your voice. Use it well and make an impact to change lives.”

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The Clubhouse Course 101

  • Audio is the future: audio is the next revolution of how we do business and interact on social platforms

  • No lipstick required: video-based apps have excluded most of us who would rather not dress up every day

  • Cool new way to shop and sell: many strategists are using Clubhouse to land multi-figure sales

  • Clubhouse - are you missing out: serious FOMO is happening online, and it’s reaching epic proportions

  • What the heck is clubhouse: created by co-founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, but what is it

  • How do I join clubhouse: want to know secret ways to access this invite-only platform

  • The secrets to setting up a killer profile that stands out on clubhouse: save time with tips and tricks on creating an stand-out profile

  • How clubhouse works (the walkthrough): walkthrough the hallways of the brand new Clubhouse app

  • When you go into a room: learn how to work a room like a pro

  • Rooms vs. Clubs: rooms are a great place to start, but how do you enter a members-only club

  • How to find your club on the app: run your own club like a boss

  • How to connect with influencers: rub elbows with the Clubhouse elite from influencers to celebrities

  • Clubhouse rules: with every platform, comes rules - so we'll help you know what they are

  • How to report an incident on clubhouse: if trust and safety violations happen, know what to do

  • Your safety: your safety online is our highest priority

  • 10 ways you can create an offer on clubhouse: finding ways to monetize on Clubhouse may be a priority to you

  • Onboarding session with Jeremiah Owyang - Best practices on clubhouse: hear some best practices from a Clubhouse Veteran Jeremiah Owyang

  • 20 things I learned in my first 12 hours on clubhouse: your first 12 hours on Clubhouse is exhilarating, hear what to expect

  • Utilizing the power of the clubhouse app is only limited to our imagination: the sky is the limit on Clubhouse, hear some pretty imaginative ideas

  • Clubhouse… the room where it happens: have you ever wanted to pitch your idea - well now you can

  • Clubhouse hacks (shhh, keep this among us): hacks are a shortcut to Clubhouse success - hear some of our favs

  • Will clubhouse kill in-person conferences: you may be craving the in-person networking opportunities that conference provides

  • How to stay clubhouse obsessed and avoid clubhouse burnout: let us help you stay Clubhouse obsessed

  • Clubhouse predictions: is Clubhouse the next big thing...hear our predictions

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